The historical neighborhoods of central Lisbon are perfect for visitors to the Portuguese capital to experience for themselves. Their culture, the history, the architecture and the people are fundamental aspects of Lisbon’s identity, and those who explore them will discover their own personal map. There are so many possibilities, don’t let them get away. The […]


It was in Porto and the north that Portugal came into being as a country, which is why the region has such a rich and fascinating heritage. This is a mountainous area with rivers, natural parks and steep, sloping hillsides covered with leafy vegetation. The granite from its mountains was used to build many of […]

Madeira Islands

Are you looking for a few days of relaxation and comfortable vacation? Then catch a plane to Madeira. Madeira is a refined and sophisticated holiday destination, set in a spectacular landscape with a wonderful climate.The top-quality hotels and excellent service mean that everybody feels comfortable and welcome. You’re sure to be tempted by the massages […]


Lisbon, Portugal’s bright capital, spreads along the north bank of the River Tagus, which meets the ocean here. One of the few European capitals with both a river and a coastline, Lisbon has Praça do Comércio square as its main meeting area. The city has always been ready to welcome new visitors and to bid […]


Think of a place to the west, where the nature and vegetation are pure and untouched, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Do you know where we’re talking about? The answer is the Azores, which offers you this and much more besides. The Azores are nine different islands of adventure, nine delightful surprises. You […]


Portugal’s southernmost coastline, where the sea is warm and calm.The Algarve has so much to offer. The sea is warm, the climate is wonderful and the holiday villages, hotels and luxury resorts are superb places to stay. And the small fishing villages – such as Santa Luzia, in Tavira – and the small port of […]


Golden plains that disappear out of sight combine with the sun and the heat to impose their own slow, steady rhythm. This is the Alentejo. Inland, the vast golden wheat fields undulate in the wind; along the coast, unspoilt beaches look rugged and unexplored.The open, ample landscape is peppered with cork-oaks or olive trees that […]

General Information

Portugal is the country lying along the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula in south western Europe. It is bordered on the East and North by Spain, and on the West and South by the Atlantic Ocean. Occupying about 16 percent of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal has a total area of 35 672 square miles, […]

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