Azores Think of a place to the west, where the nature and vegetation are pure and untouched, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Do you know where we’re talking about? The answer is the Azores, which offers you this and much more besides. The Azores are nine different islands of adventure, nine delightful surprises. You can see dolphins and whales frolicking in the sea or volcanic landscapes covered in green. Then there are the stunning, lilac-coloured hydrangeas that provide hedges for the meadows; the blue and green lakes; the craters of extinct volcanoes and the steam rising from the land. The volcanic activity here means that you can even have your meal cooked under the ground!Inland you can go mountain climbing and walking through the countryside. Or you can stick to the coast and go diving and swimming.On these amazing islands it feels as if time has stood still.All of the islands have something to offer. Take Pico island, for instance. Classified as a world heritage site it boasts an amazing mountain, dramatic cliffs and vineyards formed from black basalt. And of course, you’ll want to discover the hot waters and the steam escaping from the vents of the volcanoes on the island of São Miguel. In fact, it’s probable that you’ll be totally enchanted by the Azores.

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