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7 Reasons Why You Should come to Lisbon!

  1. CULTURE: It is one of the world’s greatest historical cities, with charisma and amazing sights, cultural treasures, and beautiful settings that make it a paradise for wanderers and photographers.
  2. VALUE: It is one of Europe’s best value cities— officially Western Europe’s least expensive capital.
  3. LOCATION: It is the closest European capital to the United States and just about a 2-hour flight to all other major European cities.
  4. CLIMATE: Its mild climate makes it an ideal year-round destination. Even in winter, when most other European cities are freezing, in Lisbon fair temperatures rarely go below 10C (50F).
  5. GATEWAY: It comes has a perfect hub to explore many of Portugal’s most outstanding towns and villages, like Evora or Obidos.
  6. WELCOMING: It is a friendly city with a cosmopolitan population, welcomes all visitors and families with children, and also very open to minorities and alternative lifestyles.
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