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Tapada Nacional de Mafra


Tapada Nacional de Mafra was created during King João V’s realm as a part of the monarchy’s and his court’s entertainment and leisure after the construction of the Convent. Today it stands out as a natural patrimony of unique features with an area of over eight hundred hectares where red deers, fallow deers, wild boars, foxes, birds of prey and many other species dwell in a scenery of an unusual rich and diversified flora.

Not only is the Tapada de Mafra interesting due to its natural patrimony but also because of its Museums. The former undoubtedly plays and important role in awareness activities and in environmental education and the latter comprise the Tojeira Museum with its antique fire arm collection and the collection of red deer’s and fallow deer’s antlers. The Car Museum of Animal Traction with its breques, aranhas, landaus, vitórias, faytons, coupés and other cars of the nineteenth century. All of this make the Tapada de Mafra a necessary stop in every quality tour guide of the Lisbon region.

The Tapada de Mafra has a great variety of activities and services at your disposal however it does so bearing in mind its constant harmony with nature. The public in general can visit and travel in the Tapada by articulated train or by following its pedestrian trails.

Contact information:

Tapada Nacional de Mafra

Portão do Codeçal, 2640-602 Mafra

Opening hours from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

GPS coordinates

38º57’53 N

009º18’09 W


+351 261 817 050 (weekdays)

+351 261 814 240 (weekends and public holidays)



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