TUK TUK Lisboa GuestHouseLisbon suggests our guests to visit Lisbon abord a different kind of vehicle: the Tuk Tuk Lisboa! Here you will have the chance to make a tour of Lisbon that will be funny and unique as well as enjoy Lisbon to its most. Try it now!!   http://www.tuk-tuk-lisboa.pt/


  Dance and Opera, the axis of the Festival ao Largo This week should not lose the Festival ao Largo. Daily schedule and free, near to the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos in Lisbon. Festival ao Largo is showing music in a different frame mixing classic music with dance. The shows are from 22 h, […]


Thank you for being there for us… Guesthouselisbon wishes to thank all the ones that shared with us that beautiful moment that was the Santo Antonio celebrations at Casa do Pátio. Thank you to the excellent staff that we have, to our guests and all our friends. To all of you… thank you for being […]


Dark Horses Rugby – Third place finish in the Bingham Cup… Congratulations! GUEST HOUSE LISBON is congratulating Dark Horses Rugby team supported by us for the third place finish in the Bingham Cup (Chalenger Cup). Many Congratulations on your victory. Guest House Lisbon wish you much strength to overcome new challenges. Congratulations!


The GuestHouseLisbon suggests some events of the Lisbon celebrations 2012 for this coming week: Date: 01 June Event: Fairs Location: Various places June is the month of the Lisbon celebrations that take the city with color and fun. The popular parties are a moment of great entertainment that the “alfacinhas” (how people from Lisbon are […]


Firebirds – Lisbon celebrations Grand Opening This week GuestHouseLisbon suggests its guest to take as much advantage as they can from the “alfacinha” (that is how the people from Lisbon is called) spirit during the Lisbon celebrations that are at the door.The Grand Opening of the celebrations will be on the 31st May with the […]


  GUESTHOUSELISBON – SPECIAL OFFER GuestHouseLisbon offers this week a special offer to its guests from Sunday to Friday. Take advantage of this offer by enjoying a delightful stay at one of our places as well as to find the most hidden secrets that Lisbon has to unveil. You will stay in one of our […]


LISBON BOOK FAIR 2012 The Lisbon Book Fair is back this year with its 82nd Edition and like past years it is on the Parque Eduardo VII grounds from the 24th April to the 13th May. During its 20 days books will be the main characters od debates and promotions amongst other activities that will […]


On the 30th April the Hot Club celebrates the International Jaz Day with several activities going on during the day and night. At 13h00 a group of students plays on the Praça da Alegria, at 15h00 DixieGang plays on the streets of Lisbon, at 17h00 a group of students plays on the pateo of the […]


This week GuestHouseLisbon suggestion to our guests is a visit to the Centro Cultural de Belém where several shows dedicated to singing and music will be taking place. The program has different periods from medieval to contemporary music bringing the Human voice to different levels and expressions in the western musical tradition scene. For more […]

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